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Mogan Mall Puerto Rico

Mogan Mall Shopping Center in Puerto Rico is currently under construction on the old Puerto Rico waterpark site on Avenida Tómas Roca Bosch next to Puerto Rico Shopping Center and below Servatur Terrazamar. There is also ongoing construction work opposite this site on a separate shopping center called The Market.

Mogan Mall Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Mogan Mall Puerto Rico is an open air style shopping center project which will span 44.000m2 with 144 locals for shops bars and restaurants. Architect José M Aguirre Vila-Coro who has previously worked on El Tablero Shopping Center has designed a volcanic rock style facade with gardens set naturally into Puerto Rico valley while respecting the barranco that flows through the area when we have heavy rain.

This 26 million euro investment that is set to turn this old waterpark land into a new center is headed by El Tablero Shopping Center owner and entreprenuer Amid Achi and Javier Puga. Taking this into consideration it won’t be much of a surprise if the centers end up looking very similar with regards to specific shops, businesses and style.

Mogan Mall Puerto Rico Shops

Mogan Mall Shops

Most shopping centers have a large supermarket and seeing as one of Mogan Mall’s investors Javier Puga is also the CEO of Hiperdino, we could see a large Hiperdino supermarket in the new center which will be great competition with Mercadona in Motor Grande. Perfume and jewellery store Funde Grube is also set to open a store in Mogan Mall as are clothing shops Zara, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius and Bershka. In the architecture designs shops like Adidas and the Apple Store have been drawn in too which will be interesting to see in Puerto Rico.

Mogan Mall Apple Store Puerto Rico Gran Canaria

Mogan Mall Restaurants and Bars

With respect to restaurants we’ve heard a few rumours but nothing concrete about McDonalds Puerto Rico possibly moving to the new center. This could be a good opening for companies like Dunkin’ Coffee, Starbucks or Costa Coffee to jump on board with the new opening.

Mogan Mall Restaurants

If there are going to be strong similarities between Mogan Mall and El Tablero Center then we could even see 100 Montaditos or even Burger King. The important thing is a place to get good local coffee and a supermarket as they are usually the two constants in a shopping zone that keep people coming back.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been asked several questions about Mogan Mall on social media. Here’s what we know:

When will Mogan Mall Puerto Rico open?
Mogan Mall is due to open in Autumn 2019.

What does the site look like right now?
Here’s how it’s looking at the end of July 2018.
Mogan Mall Puerto Rico Construction July 2018

This is what the building site looks like as of June 2018. The old water park wall has now been knocked down and replaced with a metal fence and the foundations are being dug.

Puerto Rico Waterpark Shopping Center

How many units or locals will there be?
There will be 144 locals including clothing shops, supermarket, accessories and restaurants.

Will there be jobs at Mogan Mall Puerto Rico?
Yes. The new center will create 700 jobs.

Will Mogan Mall have enough parking spaces?
There will be 700 parking spaces available at Mogan Mall Puerto Rico.

What’s this about a fountain?
Mogan Mall will have the biggest water fountain in the Canary Islands. It’s going to have a cool sound and light show and will span 30 meters!

What’s the other construction site across the road?
Opposite the Mogan Mall site is a separate building site which will be The Market Puerto Rico Shopping Center.

What’s happening under the flyover bridge further up the road?
In the Motor Grande area of Puerto Rico, under the bridge, the Ayuntamiento de Mogán are constructing Puerto Rico Park which is set to open later in 2018.