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Playa de Tasarte Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is well known for being a place to relax and disconnect, so I was delighted to discover a place in the west of the island called Tasarte. The small town has a lovely windy road which leads down to a stretch of pebble beach with one lonely but lively restaurant.

No mobile phone signals here, but the perfect setting for having a tasty meal in good company, right on the beach. Look out for this road sign if you are coming from the Mogán road, or you might end up in Veneguera instead.

Playa de Tasarte Restaurant – ‘See Food’

The little restaurant on Tasarte beach packs a lot for it’s punch. Breathtaking views, swishy noises as the sea laps up onto the pebbles and some of the best calamare I’ve ever tasted! The grilled tuna was also a delicious bite and was complimented nicely by the papas con mojo and house salad.

Papas con mojo // Wrinkled Canarian Potatoes

Locals were enjoying a sing song and playing guitar on this lazy Sunday afternoon. Others were having a quick feast before they ventured off on their jet skis. Right around the corner from this little piece of paradise, is the infamous Güi Güi Beach.

If you are feeling extra adventurous, you could probably park further up in the village and take a walk down to the beach. After a seafood feast we headed to Playa de Mogán for a sneaky croissant with nutella at Gelatomania in the sunshine.
Have you ventured to Tasarte?