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The Real Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria – Beaches, blue skies, swimming pools, entertainment, nightlife… these may be things you relate to the island of Gran Canaria. But, have you ever seen the REAL GRAN CANARIA?

Even if you only have one day to rent a car in Gran Canaria, then we advise to do as much exploring as you can. Would you believe it can snow in the peaks of the island?! Yes, we had to believe it to see it too. There are some amazing views to be had on the island and treasures to discover.

Today the GCBlog team left Puerto Rico with it’s blue skies for a drive along the winding coastal road to Mogan. Carrying on through Pueblo de Mogan and taking note that the new road is making progress, we chose the inclining and winding road to Presa de las Niñas, a beautiful lake with a ‘Yogi Bear’ style picnic area.

Of course you can see as we are higher up the surroundings are a lot more lush and green with more cloud. The temperature had also dropped by this now and it was time to pop on a jacket.

Tip: If visiting the other parts of the island always be prepared and throw a jacket and towels in the back of the rent a car. It can really get cool up in the mountains and can be blazing sunshine in resort, you wouldn’t believe the difference!

A group of friends enjoyed a picnic and a sing song by the lake:

You may notice that the lake water levels are quite low, due to the very dry Winter we have had until now. Usually when these lakes or ‘presas’ fill up, there are beautiful cascades in places like Soria.

After leaving Presa de Las Niñas, we headed up toward Cruz de Tejeda which we will cover in another blog post. On the way we passed some really pretty almond trees in blossom with pink and soft white flowers. There were some fantastic views of Mt. Teide in Tenerife from up there too!

Hopefully you have enjoyed this photoblog showing some hidden treasures of the island and stay tuned for the next adventure!